"Det är tisdag i dag."

Translation:It is Tuesday today.

January 19, 2015

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Which is the preferred way to say "today" in Swedish: idag or i dag?


What is the moderators opinion on this? Writing it together does mark the work as semi incorrect every time. (You get the green bar, but still.)


We write it that way because the language council recommends it. We don't put both as 'best' translation, because then they would both show up everywhere in multiple choice questions and you'd have to tick both all the time and that would quickly get boring.


Thanks! (The multiple choice questions are a bit boring anyway :-))


I went with the literal translation, but just so I know, is the translation "today is tuesday" also accepted?


Wouldn't that be something like, I dag är tisdag?


I get accused of having a typo even though my answer is identical to doulingo


As noted above, i dag and idag are both fine spellings. But Duolingo apparently first compares what you wrote to the default translation and then never bothers to check alternate translations. I get the same typo alert, which is obviously incorrect. But I'm afraid I can't fix it without making both spelling variations into defaults.


Is it more idiomatic in Swedish to phrase mention of which day of the week it is like this instead of a construction like 'Idag är tisdag.'? Kind of curious because most languages I know of that allow for such flexibility tend to prefer the shorter sentence outside of very formal settings.


You could say i dag är det tisdag as well - that's also idiomatic.


Hej Deval, I want to know does "tisDAG" pronunciation same as "I DAG"?
"Dag" = pronounce like "DOR"
"tisdag" = pronounce like "teas-TA"


I generally don't like to use English approximations, since those tend to give a very wrong idea of the pronunciation.

Having said that, the -dag in tisdag can be either short or long. If it's long, then it has the same pronunciation as in tisdag. And if it's short, it doesn't.


I'm hearing "det är tisday dag"


Is "I dag det är tisdag" correct in general too? Or "I dag är tisdag"?

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