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French language lost

Hello all, maybe somebody has alredy been through this. I just decided to take the placement test for English (I´m native in spanish). I did this from my androip App on my Smartphone (Samsung Galaxy S3). After I took the test, surprisingly the French language dissapeared completely and my profile showed only the results from the English placement test and my German profile (which I had deleted hours before).

Tough, in the website I could see my French progress and I though it was a problema with the App, I uninstalled it and put it back on, same issue. I checked the website again and boom! It was completely gone. There´s no trace I reached level 4 in French.

Does anyone has some input on this issue? I´m kinda urged to refresh some French concepts and I´d rather not repeat the whole thing all over again, there´s plenty of time there.

Thanks in advance,

Ronald Costa Rica

January 19, 2015



Hi ronald.mora, are you still experiencing this issue? Remember that if you switching your native language, you will only see the languages from that same direction. Meaning if you switched your learning language to English for Spanish speakers you won't see your progress in your French for English speakers course. You have to switch your language back to French for English speakers to see it.

You can do that here: https://www.duolingo.com/settings/direction


Thank you Pam, I freaked out. Thanks for letting me know that. One more question. How many levels are there? Is there any precedent as per succeeding in all levels will give some sort fluency in the language?


There are total of 25 levels. Completing the tree usually gives a strong foundation in the language and acts as a launch pad for you to further explore opportunities like real world immersion, reading books, magazines, newspapers, watching TV shows, News, radio, movies, music albums, etc. The more time you invest in the language, the more proficient you will be.

And please don't confuse levels with proficiency. Levels are just based on XPs. so the more you practice, the sooner you can reach higher levels.


Thank you. I was surprised I consider myself fluent in English and reached level 8 in the placement test.

By the way, congrats to you for the 165 day streak, awesome discipline.

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