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  5. "I film a movie."

"I film a movie."

Translation:Ik film een film.

January 19, 2015



I wrote "ik maak een film" but this was not accepted. I think that "filming a film" is a really bad sentence.


In (British) English, you can also "film a film", although of course it does sound a bit silly to say it like that.


'Ik neem een film op' is not accepted, while the official translation 'Ik film een film' sounds really weird. Reported 6 feb 2015.


You also hear and read "Ik draai een film" as having this meaning, but that too is not accepted; I've reported it.


I tried 'Ik film een speelfilm', just to try to avoid the repetition of 'film'.


Hi Ian. "Ik draai een film" which was the correction of my translation "Ik MAAK een film" is not correct. Because "draaien" in the Dutch dictionary is indicated as "tonen, laten zien" van een film. (Nevertheless in French, you do say "je tourne une pellicule"). Ik film een film, is absurd, redundant. You would simply say "Ik film". Stop. So the options to accept are: 1. Ik film. 2.Ik maak een film. 3. Ik ben een film aan het maken/verwezenlijken.[4. Ik doe ( film-) opnames.] All these expressions mean exactly "I am filming (a film of course), I am shooting a film"!! I am astonished that my correct answer, which was the most general and thus the must certain one, get corrected by an uncorrect one. Signalized! Cheers, Lu.


'Ik draai een film' is definitely correct Dutch, but a bit filmmaker jargon. If I go out for two days to shoot, we call that 'twee draaidagen'. However in this context it could be confused with showing a movie.

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