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How much did your oral & listening skills improve thanks to Duolingo?

How much did your speaking & listening skills improve thanks to your practicing your language skills on this site?

January 19, 2015



I feel like a lot of people benefit a lot from the Danish (Unofficial) Duolingo Skype chat.


I recently listened to a Danish conversation and felt that it was completely different experience compared to before Duolingo. I understand so much more.

I am only about half way through the tree and I haven't been doing any strengthening but being Swedish Danish comes very easily for me.


Being Swedish is almost like cheating. Even though Danish and Swedish are not that close when spoken it definitely still helps.


Sure. I am just saying that I improved my oral understanding a lot with very little effort. So the course has great cost/benefit ratio for Swedes that are not used to listening to Danish.

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