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"Is de vis van jou of van mij?"

Translation:Is the fish yours or mine?

January 19, 2015



When do you use jou and jouw


Jouw is only possesive, jou is an object I think, as "with you" : "met jou" Note that "van jou" is also without W. If I am not mistaken, 'jouw' is always followed by a noun and 'jou' never. but I'm not 100% sure


I would like to know as well.


Have a read through this topic: https://www.duolingo.com/comment/3732923

In this sentence if you wanted to use "jouw" you probably end up saying.

  • "Is de vis de jouwe of de mijne"

Using "van jou" and "van mij" is more common though.


How do you decide when to use the "van" or "de/het" possessive phrases? Or is it all personal preference?


The same way as in English.

  • the fish is yours - de vis is van jou
  • it is my fish - het is mijn vis


I think he was talking about de mijne etc.

It is hardly used and never necessary so stick with van mij or mijn vis (or whichever noun)

De mijne sounds more like dialect


Why can't this sentence be "Is the fish for you or for me"? I still can't comprehend the usage of 'van' in a sentence.


Your sentence would be 'Is de vis voor jou of voor mij?'. 'Van' means 'of' or 'from', not 'for'.


Aah! Yes, 'for' means 'voor'! I knew that! Why can't it then be "Is de vis jouw of mijn?"


'Jouw' and 'mijn' means 'your' and 'my'. The translation you are looking for is either 'de/het jouwe' and 'de/het mijne', or 'van jou' and 'van mij'. (Both are correct, the latter is used the most). :)


Awesome. Dank je wel!!


Is there some context where "van" means "for"? because duolingo shows me "for" as one possible translation


in the song "zeven dagen lang", there's this verse:

Voor het geluk van iedereen Dus vechten we samen Samen staan we sterk Ja vechten we samen, niet alleen

[We will fight] for the happiness for everyone.

Although I suppose a better English would be "...for everyone's happiness" or something like that.


That actually would ve been the happiness of everyone.

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is the dutch "v" pronounced same as the German "v" or English?


I like how this man has been doing Dutch for over 5 years on Duolingo and is still only on level 7, this is why you don't overstretch your languages here.


Izzzz de vizzz

That girl really needs to do something about that lisp...

If I didn't know this was text to speech I obviously wouldn't say this. It's about what the computer turned it into. The zzzzzzz recordings shouldn't have been accepted and I am sure whoever recorded the individual sounds doesn't talk like this in real life.


i put The fish is yours or mine ? why is this wrong?


It is asking a question: Is de vis = Is the fish

If it was just: De vis = The fish

Does that make sense?


It says a correct answer would be "Is the fish yours or mine?" How is this different from ""Is the fish for you or for me?"


That would be is de vis voor jou of voor mij?


There is no similarity.


mij/mijn and jou/jouw/je/jullie/u ?


Mij= me

Mijn= my jouw= your je= you (personal pronoun, 2nd person singular, informal) u= you (same as previous, formal) jullie= you (personal pronoun, 2nd person plural) jou= you (object pronoun, ser my previous comments for more info).


Ik zal jou bellen.

Ik zal u bellen.

Ik zal jullie bellen.

Dit boek is van jou.

Het is jouw boek.

Je zal mij bellen.


How is "Is de vis jou of mij" wrong?


that would translate to "is the fish you or me"


Can this not also be translated: Is the fish from you or from me?


Yeah i guess it would, but sounds a bit weird in english as well


I do not get the usage of van jou here. I thought: Je = You Jouw = Your Jou = Yours

However, I do understand the usage of van mij because mijn = my van mij = mine

So according to me, the answer should be "Is de vis jou of van mij?" Could someone please tell me what am I missing here?


Another (perhaps better) way to translate this sentence is. Does the fish belong to you or to me.

My book, the book is mine
Mijn boek, het boek is van mij.

Jouw boek, het boek is van jou
Your book, the book is yours.


So please, be so kind as to tell what the heck is wrong with: Is this your fish or mine? – as a translation/an answer?! I just don't get it!


Again! What is wrong?!? If the sentence is given: Is de vis van jou of van mij? – it is incorrect to say: Is the fish yours or mine. If the sentence is given: Is the fish yours or mine? – it is correct to say: Is de vis van jou of van mij? Pray do explain!


Please calm down.

Is the fish yours or mine is correct. However in your first two comments you said "this." There is nothing in the sentence that translates to "this".

That would have been "deze vis"


It looks odd, since we are talking about the possessive pronouns, shouldn't we use "jouw"? In this phrase "jou" and "mij" are objective pronouns. This looks like it depends on the position. After the noum we use it jou and mij, is that it?


Het boek van jou equals jouw boek.

The book belonging to you equals your book.


Why cant i say "for you or for me?"

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