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Eu acabei com a árvore!

I finished the skill tree for the Portuguese language today! Now, I have three language trees finished: Portuguese, Spanish, and French.

Hoje eu acabei com a árvore da língua Portuguesa! Agora, eu tenho completado três árvores de lígua: Português, Espanhol, e Francês

January 19, 2015



Parabéns, RuizAPR!!!

If I may, I would suggest you to use "terminei a árvore" or "terminei a árvore" instead. It seems like you destroyed it...

Continue estudando o português, tem muitos amigos aqui para ajudar sempre que tiver novas dúvidas!


..."Finalizei/completei a árvore" also sounds good my ears...


you suggested the same thing twice :P. But yes I agree, terminei is better for this sentence.


Oh, yes, I see, shame on me, sorry about that... you may laugh if you want to. The second should have been "acabei a árvore" - it is just as good as "terminei árvore". The "com" is the enemy of the tree :-) Sucesso!!!


Parabéns pela dedicação Ruiz!


Parabéns RuizAPR! Quanto tempo voçê preciso para completar o curso de português?

Desculpe… !! Eu não escrevo muito bem, so I'll type in English here… I started Duolingo around two years ago but I just recently got back on track and still half way before I can complete the Portuguese course!


Sorry for the late reply. I just recently got back from school. Since I already spoke some Portuguese before I started it on Duolingo, I went to the skipping option. I managed to skip 38 lessons before even starting my first official lesson. That facilitated getting to the end of the tree so quickly, in just 3 weeks.


I didn't realize one can skip lessons! But anyway, since I have already forgotten most of the things I learned back in my school days, it is nice to start from the beginning again!


I believe skipping is a new feature. Also, you learned Portuguese in school? Was it in high school or college/university?


Sim, aprendi Português na escola primária. But had stopped my lessons since the day I left my hometown.

Not speaking it for more than 10 years, I have forgotten EVERYTHING. I'm quite fluent in English, and actually wonder how long it will take before I can speak Portuguese fluently. My reading skills has improved significantly after weeks of reading and reading, but I still need to work a lot on areas like speaking and listening as well as writing some simple phrases on my own.


Parabéns!!! Continue praticando a língua... Very good!

[deactivated user]

    Congratulations dude it's an honor.people are learning our first language how cool is that
    so don't ever give up


    parabéns!!!!!!!!!!!!!! pastor jal


    Parabéns! Good luck with your other languages!

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