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"They are only lawyers."

Translation:Níl iontu ach dlíodóirí.

3 years ago


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I don't understand the use of Nil in front of the sentence. You are stating what they are not what they are not.

3 years ago


It's the common Irish structure for saying "only" (or in this case "just"). Níl ach cúpla focal Gaeilge agam. "I only have a few words of Irish.", i.e. "I only speak a little Irish." Níl ach trí euro i mo phóca. = "I only have 3 euros in my pocket."

3 years ago


If you speak Southern American English, it'd be something like 'They aren't but lawyers.' It's just a better generap English translation that's given.

3 years ago

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In other English dialects, think of it as “They are nothing but lawyers” — you’re still stating what they are, despite the negating “nothing”.

3 years ago