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  5. "Tá sí scanraithe."

" scanraithe."

Translation:She is scared.

January 19, 2015



If I "scanned" a "wraith", I'd be scared too, I suspect. That's how I'll remember it.


Mnemonics are so helpful until the word makes its journey from short- to long-term memory.


How would one say 'she is scary'?


scanrúil is "scary". Tá sí scanrúil might be technically correct, but I think you'd be more likely to say Is (duine/bean/cailín) scanrúil í.

The EID uses scanrúil for "alarming, fearsome, formidable, frightening, grisly, gruesome, startling, terrible and terrifying"


Is "eagla" another word for scared?


You could say Tá eagla uirthi for "she is frightened" or "she is afraid", or literally "fear is on her".

While "afraid" and "scared" are often interchangeable, I would tend to use scanraithe for "scared" and eagla ar for frightened/afraid (but eagla ar is always the first phrase that come to mind for me).


But isn't "tá eagla uirthi" more frequently used? We learned in school that for emotions we should use (insert feeling) on a person. Is both acceptable?.


Both of them are acceptable, though, like you, I learned tá eagla uirthi in school.


"Scanraithe" pronounced as "scanraíthe" kept annoying me until I listened to the link. There I found the Munster pronunciation to which I was accustomed. Thanks for posting.


Yeah I was like what? as well. A lot of her pronunciations treat the fada funny, to my Munster ear


Insofar as "terrified" is a synonym of "scared". The FGB provides almost a dozen words that use forms of "terrify" (terrify, terrifying, terrified) in their definition (and it doesn't include scanraithe).

urghráinigh "Terrify"
anfúil "Terrified"
creathnach "Frightful, terrifying"
critheaglach "Quaking with fear, terrified"
imeaglaigh "Terrify, intimidate"
imuamhnach "Terrifying"
imuamhnach "Terrified"
líonritheach "Terrifying"
sceimhligh "Terrify; terrorize"
uamhnach "Dreadful, terrifying"
uamhnaigh "Frighten, terrify"


Tá na focail seo imuamhnacha!


Got it absolutely correct. Have screenshot to prove it. Marked incorrect. Is this question bugged?

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