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Changing my username

i want to change my username and every time i do it i get one reply "Invalid Username" ! how can i change it ?

January 19, 2015



Your name can't have certain symbols in it. (eg "+" or "/").

Also you can't have the same username as anybody else.

If you want to test if an username is already taken try:

(www.duolingo.com/NameOfUsernameYouWantToTry). (Don't click that link, lol). If the username is taken you should enter a user page. If it isn't taken you should receive an "error 404" message.


there is no one with the same username i want , i checked it by the members search and the link you provided and as u said it was "error 404" .


Be sure you're not trying to change it to a username that's already in use. You can check by doing a member search. That could possibly be why you're getting the warning.


i've done it and there no one with the same username i want


Setting then account


it is done now ! thank you very much guyz :)


try changing your username with another username which : 1-does not have any spaces in it. 2-have no + or / . i am sure it will work ,

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