What does the fire symbol mean?(streaks)?

July 31, 2013

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It shows the number of days on which you've continuously used Duolingo (finished successfully at least one lesson).

Streaking is the new craze on Duolingo!

Nice streak bro

It actually just means you've continuously gotten points every day. It doesn't have to be through completing lessons.

Can you get a day-steak if you review vocab or do you have to finish a lesson absolutely?
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@Darkflemy : I don't know what vocab review is (haven't done it yet), as far as I know you have to finish one lesson at least.

I thought you could, but lost my streak because I just strengthened some vocabulary. :(

huh... guess I lost my streak because I didn't successfully complete a lesson? even though I tried. and unfortunately lost my wager too. lame.

no you lose your streaks when you do not do any duolingo for a day. :)

oh thankyou :)

Somehow since today web UI shows a shorter streak than a mobile app.

Web UI shows 16, while in Android app it's 56 - and I am pretty sure that the number in Android app is correct

I got the same problem

I have find a solution. If the count of days on Web UI is not up-to-date, on next day first pass test on Web and not in Android/iOs app

it didn't work :( But as long as I don't loose my streaks it's okay..

I've got a problem with the streaks. On my Android phone, it says "1 streak", but I've got "17 streaks" on the web. 2 days ago they both showed "15 streaks".

do you have to complete a NEW lesson, or can you recomplete an old one?
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Either will do.

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