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"Waarom heb jij duizend boeken?"

Translation:Why do you have a thousand books?

January 19, 2015




Why isn't it written "een duizend boeken" as the English translates "a thousand books"?


In Dutch, duizend does not normally take the article, whereas in English, thousand normally does:

bijna duizend mensen = almost a thousand people

ongeveer duizend mensen = about a thousand people



when you say "een duizend" would you still need to spell it "èèn"?


Een duizend only make sense in specific contexts in Dutch. E.g. Er was een duizend man = There were at about a thousand people, or Heb je een/één duizendje? = Do you have a/one banknote of a thousand?. In the former sentence it can only mean een as it's an estimation, in the latter it can be either een or één, depending on what is meant.

In normal counting duizend is never preceded by een. The same goes for honderd, tienduizend and honderdduizend. But for bigger numbers it is used: een miljoen (a million), een miljard (a billion), een biljoen (a trillion). Because the context and meaning are clear, no accents need to be added to een. For any number above a million, keep in mind the long scale is used in Dutch, whereas most English speaking countries use the short scale: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Long_and_short_scales

And BTW the number one is written as één, not as èèn.


Ok thank you so much for clearing that up


I believe "duizend" on its own can mean "one thousand", without the necessity of the added "een".


German here: Denk immer dass sie über ein Dutzend reden statt Tausend


Because for jij/je when you change the order of the verb and subject, the stem of them verb (without t) will be used: "jij hebt" but "heb jij"


Why not "je" instead of "jij"? The subject here is not stressed, correct?


Technically, the subject can be stressed. We just don't know the context. So for now, you can choose between the two, they're both correct. Unless it's a listening exercise, than the one you hear is correct.


Doordat... Ik ben inteligente. I houd van lees boeken. Waarom heb jij duizend vragen?? Wil jij wat eeten of niet?


Omdat ik intelligent ben. Ik houd ervan boeken te lezen.

Wat wil je eten of niet?


Haha please correct anything with explanations. Dank je.


What if you meant it as an exaggeration? Such as coming next to a person with 32 books open and say: "Why do you have thousands of books?" How would you say that? "Waarom heb jij duizenden boeken?"?


Your translation is correct, although in that specific context you would probably use je instead of jij since you're emphasizing the ridiculousness of how many books they're trying to read at once.


Why is 'Why do you have thousand books?' incorrect?


In English, thousand normally takes the article: almost a thousand people, about a thousand people; whereas in Dutch, duizend does not normally take the article: bijna duizend mensen, ongeveer duizend mensen. See explanations above.



But on Duolingo I'm constantly told I must translate literally.


How do you say "i feel attacked" in Dutch?

Asking for a friend.


Ik voel me (persoonlijk) aangevallen.


when do use heb and when do you use hebt


When the sentence order is changed (such as for a question as in this sentence), you drop the t.

jij hebt

heb jij

The same goes for je.


Waarom heb jij duizend boeken? and the previous question was, 'een miljoen schildpadden' Why use 'een' for one million but without 'een' for one thousand?


Check Susande's comment at the top.


To see how quickly you can count a thousand books. I'm impressed by the way.

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