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  5. "The trimesters are long."

"The trimesters are long."

Translation:Os trimestres são longos.

July 31, 2013



What does trimester initially bring to mind in Portuguese speaking areas (and maybe other english speaking areas)? The only trimester I use (when I use the word) is refering to pregancy. I went to a four-year university and don't remember using it. Maybe I just didn't notice.


In some schools, there are exams every trimester of the year


Would replacing 'são' with 'estão' be acceptable here?


Nope. Estão is like for the moment the trimesters are but sometimes they aren't. But here the phrase relates to a statement.


You actually could, but it would change the meaning:

  • Trimestres são longos = stating a fact, you think the trimesters are long - maybe they should become bi... bimester? bimonthly? xD whatever it's called: 2 months instead of 3, so they're shorter now :)
  • Trimestres estão longos = stating a... feeling. Say the uni works in trimesters, you're in your 3rd year - saying this sentence would imply that "school's been fine [for the past 2 years], but this year the trimesters are just taking soooo long to pass!", usually because you're busy or bored, but could mean a number of things



In English, trimestes would be better tranalated as quarters

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