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Tenemos vs Nos hemos

creo que nos hemos equivocado de restaurante VS creo que tenemos equivocado de restaurante.

Which one is correct, or could you correct the mistakes. Also, what do both of these sentences actually mean to convey. Thanks

3 years ago


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Use nos hemos for we have done something. In this case have is an auxiliary (helping) verb. Tenemos is used for possession. We have ordered steak vs Now we have steak.

Your first sentence - I think we have mistaken the restaurant. We went to the wrong one? The second, with tener, doesn't make sense.

3 years ago

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Just remember that;

Hemos = We have done

Tenemos = We have something

3 years ago


The correct one is " creo que nos hemos equivocado de restaurante" The reason why the first one is correct is because the second one translates to "I think that we have confused from restaurant"

"creo que nos hemos equivocado de restaurante" vs "creo que tenemos equivocado de restaurante" " I think we have confused the restaurant" vs "I think that we have confused from restaurant" That is why the first one is correct.

3 years ago


http://www.studyspanish.com/lessons/presperfect.htm 'hemos ' is a giveaway that you're using the Present perfect tense - if that's where you are at, take some time to visit this lesson, it's very similar to an upcomming lesson and is easy to confuse.

3 years ago


I'm not quite sure about the last thing that you ask but. the correct one is the first one. Creo que nos hemos equivocado de restaurante. "Hemos" comes from the verb"hacer" and tenemos comes from de verb "have".

About convey ;want context you want to know the meaning, I mean what you want to say.

3 years ago