"We are very cold."

Translation:Wij hebben het zeer koud.

January 20, 2015



Do erg, heel, and zeer all mean basically the same thing? Are there different ways that people tend to use them? Thank you!

June 2, 2016


In this context they do. However, 'erg' can also mean horrible, 'heel' can mean whole and 'zeer' can mean pain/hurt. No one really uses 'zeer' in this context

September 9, 2016


"het warm" and "het koud" always sound weird to me, but now it also confuses me. cause "ik heb het zeer koud" looks wrong (I know it isn't).

And what if I would want to say something like: "I have it very cold"? Ik heb het het zeer koud? XD

Enlighten me please

January 20, 2015


I would say 'Ik heb het erg koud.' For some reason, I'm not really fond of the word 'zeer'.. :P (But that's correct too)

January 20, 2015


Why het zeer?

December 19, 2017
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