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  5. "Vad gör din hund?"

"Vad gör din hund?"

Translation:What is your dog doing?

January 20, 2015



Would it have been incorrect if I answered "What is doing your dog?"


I'm sorry, but as a English speaker, and find it very hard to process how the question is set up, in English it would be: "What doing your dog?" If i could have someone help explain this to me one on one, it would be very helpful. Thanks!


It's a question with a question word. That word needs to go first. Then, for it to be a question the verb needs to come before the subject, so gör must come before the subject din hund.

A question without a question word must also have the verb first:
Statement: Du läser ('You are reading')
Question: Läser du? ('Are you reading?')


Thank unexisting god I'm Russian, we have a bunch of situations where our word order is not even determined and can be any, so that I understand how Swedish sentences are built easily, I just switch my mind to russian in some cases, in some I switch it to English and it works perfectly almost everywhere


great explanation. i get it now. thanks


think of old english.. "what say you?" "how goes it?" .. that structure :) hope i shed some light


Ahh, that makes perfect sense! Thank you, that's a good example, and way to put it!


Two questions: is the pronunciation for this sentence correct? If yes, follow-up question: are final consonants in Swedish "swallowed" like they are in English, because I can barely hear the d's at the end of "vad" and "hund?"


I think it's correctly pronounced. We very often swallow the d at the end of vad, unless we speak very clearly. I hear the d at the end of hund here, but in casual speech, you very often hear people say it more as though it were written hunn. (somewhat depending on dialect, of course)


How should I know this is 'What is your dog doing' and not 'How is your dog doing'? I think either answer should be acceptable. Either word, (including 'that') are covered by the word vad by definition, right?


Jag har ingen hund, det är vad


Why do i6 need a question mark in order for this question to be correct when no other problem has required it up to now?


Can this be right as well? "What does your dog do?"


Yes, I'm adding it as an acceptable translation now.


Wow. That was a speedy reply. Tack så mycket. :)

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