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"Den här" without a noun

I was sharing a video on Facebook, and I wanted to say "this" in reference to the video. As the use of den/det/de is coordinate with the noun, what is the correct thing to do when you are sharing something and want to say "this"? Do you have to say the noun? Or is "den" always used when lacking a noun?

January 20, 2015



Assuming you're referring to its content, I'd simply say "det här".


Can you explain why you use "det"? Is there a grammar rule?


Because det also has a generic sense that can't be conveyed by den, which is always specific. Somewhat simplified, you could translate them as "den" = this one and "det" = this when they're not referring to specific objects.

So, when linking to a video, den här would mean "this (particular video)", while det här would mean "this (that this is all about)".

To further concretize the senses that I'm talking about, consider these:
Den som är bra = The one that's good.
Det som är bra = What's good.

I'm not sure if I was coherent now... Did this (det här because it's general and somewhat replacable by 'it') make any sense? :)


That helped clarify things for me. So to satisfy subjektstvång, det must be used, but when there is a subject, den or det should be used in coordination with the subject, correct?


Sounds about right :)

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