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  5. "Miglioriamo la qualità."

"Miglioriamo la qualità."

Translation:We are improving the quality.

July 31, 2013



We have improved the quality. Is it wrong?


Yes, "have improved" would be translated as the passato prossimo tense: «abbiamo migliorato».


Its correct just not recognized by DL?


No, it is wrong because it is past tense and it should be present tense.


Shouldn't We are making the quality better work? It means the same thing as We are improving the quality.


Stiamo facendo la qualità migliore.


A thing, situation etc. can be improved. Its quality then is enhanced.


“Its quality is enhanced“ then “We enhance the quality“ ? Or does it mean its quality is raised?, it's higher? And is a thing what's being enhanced as improved?
Could DL accept “enhance“ and “improve“ as synonymous in this sentence?


Yes "enhance" is correct according to this dictionary, and I think it is also correct in this context.


However it is best not to get too adventurous with the the thesaurus as Duo does not necessarily include all possible nuances of meaning of a word in its list of correct answers.


In english it's actually better without the article "We are improving quality"


In my part of the country "the" would normally be there.


Agreed American English anyway


She sounds like she has been drinking if you slow this one down


what about "upgrade the quality"? any one English speaking native over there? thanks


This has a slightly different meaning. Usually "upgrade" refers to an erupt change. Where as improving usually indicates subtle change over time. Upgrade is a word usually associated with technology but it's use is becoming more widespread.


Its not a phrase i would hear in America. What you see and hear is "better quality" or "improving the quality"


Native speakers: What is the current business/tech phrase for "Continuous Quality Improvement" or similar? 12Sep15


What tense is miglioriamo?


why is it not "stiamo migliorando la qualita??


I have same question. To me the Italian sentence DL gives means "we improve the quality". DL Marks this correct, but suggests the alternative of "we are improving...", which is "stiamo migliorando..." ??


We improve the quality was marked wrong-clearly correct and was even marked correct in the prior session!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I got dinged for omitting the definite article. I think it should be accepted as well. We often speak of quality as such, especially if the context is already a given. Imagine a discussion in a board meeting or a press conference and everybody knows what we're talking about, it seems to me somebody can quite validly say "we're improving quality."


What's wrong with "We improve quality"? It is not accepted


You left out "the"


Pretty sure we haven't learned migliorare, and they just throw a - type what you hear - with this conjugation. I wrote: nieorriamo, because that's how it sounded.


Bettering the quality was marked wrong - To better is a verb used in English. Betting the quality is something I would not understand in English'


We English would say 'We are improving the quality' or 'We are continually improving the quality'. We would not say 'upgrade' or 'better' the quality.


Honestly.. I am ready to quit. It was a good run but all I do now is just try and guess what duo is thinking.

"We are making the quality better"....it's the same thing..And please don't be that douche who says 'Omg totally different that would be 'facciamo la qualita migliore''...

Yes I know "just check 'My Answer should be accepted!!1!!'", but its too much.

Thank you Duo. It was Great and I learned a lot! I will recommend it to beginners who are interested in learning a new language.

Hopefully I will start again soon.

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