"Majoriteten vill ha öl!"

Translation:The majority wants beer!

January 20, 2015

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Damn, I hate it when as a german speaker I translate "öl" to "oil", from time to time instead to "beer". :-D


I keep mixing those up too! (English speaker, just not that smart lol) You'd think the context would make it clear, but then they say things like "He drinks oil..."


The way I remember it, as another English speaker, is to think of ale.


I think that is actually the English cognate word here.


It is, and I have tried using it several times. Sadly, it isn't accepted...


In another thread someone pointed out that Swedes also use the word ale when being specific about the type of beer.


In English, the majority would (collectively) want beer. In Swedish are collective nouns treated as singular? Or is the majority being treated as a concept rather than as multiple people?


Automatically I wrote The majority wants beer, so I guess that I treated the majority as a singular, 1 collection (of people).


...men det inte vill jag. Ge mig vin!


...men det vill inte jag* :)


what is the alcoholic drink of choice in Sweden?


I'd say vodka and snaps, as far as tradition goes and in terms of what Sweden has produced historically. But when I visited, it seemed like beer (especially the big Swedish and Danish brands) and wine were definitely the most popular. One must buy any bottled beverage over 3.5% ABV at the government-run Systembolaget stores, but it's a pretty good monopoly in the sense that there's a very wide selection and a usually very attentive staff, and word is they'll special order almost anything if they don't have it in stock. Also, craft beer seemed to be really catching on, so, at least from my experience, the Swedes are very open to beer from all over the world. I was super-happy finding good Michigan beer in Sweden!


But isn't it also true that alcoholic beverages are exceptionally expensive in the whole of Scandinavia, not only Sweden? At least that is what I have heard, or maybe I am wrong.

Maybe I am biased in these regards as a German, as our country is known to sell alcoholic beverages very cheap, thus tending to accelerate youth alcoholism, even though the numbers have been continually shrinking throughout the past few years.


'Majority' is a collective. Thetefore 'they want'. BTW English is not my mother tongue


I know that's not how it is, but my brain automatically translates this as "the majority will have beer", as if a politician is making promises to the people in order to get elected!


I think duolingo should accept "ale" as an alternative to "beer".


Why doesn’t this accept “ale”? - the program does in other exercises.


"The majority want beer" no s on want


"The majority" is plural so it should be followed with a plural verb and not a singular verb. It should "want and not wants"


Except "everyone" is used which accommodates singular verb after it.

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