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  5. "De boeken of de meisjes?"

"De boeken of de meisjes?"

Translation:The books or the girls?

January 20, 2015



Every nerd's dilemma


not really.. Girls are most often not an available option ;]


Yes. Books all the way


looooooooooooooooool that´s worth a lingot :P


college all over again


Damn, am I being robbed or something?


Why does they use (de) instead of (het) when they say (de meisjes)?!.....


Because all words in plural come with de


Some words in dutch use "de" and some use "het" but it has same meaning. You should google "duolingo dutch grammar overview" and look for "het vs de" section to read more about it


Plurals almost always take "de".


Why are there so many deleted messages in this comment section?


50% of comments: Actually questions about the Dutch language or Duolingo 30% of comments: Reference nerds or college 20% of comments: Others


1% of comments: questions that haven't been asked before and aren't explained in the tips ; )

(That's the percentage on most threads anyway)


How can you see there are deleted messages??


I was wondering if plural vrouw is vrouwen and plural man is mannen why is the plural of jongen not jongenen and the plural of meisje not meisjen?


Its probably for the same reason that words with "s" at the end get an e before the s, I'm guessing its usually just different for words ending with -en or -e since adding another en on the end wouldnt sound right.


From what I've read- and correct me if I'm wrong- nouns ending in unstressed syllables such as -en and -em take s. Not sure the exact reasoning behind it grammatically but it seems to be the case here.


I think it's a historical thing having to do with the origin of the word. (Haven't verified this though). Because eventhough we now have a standard language the local dialects have different backgrounds the east is Saxon the south is Frankish. (Dutch low saxon, which is not the same as german saxon though has a common ancestor) and there was Frisian.

This is the case for the two genitives. 's is a saxon genitive. In english it's the most common one, in dutch it's possible but sounds less educated than using "van". (Not uneducated though) A case of multiple languages systems surving/making its way into one language.

And I believe you can still see in english remnants of -en plurals.

Im sure I started research on this once, just can't remember what I found unfortunately.

Very interesting are the words appel and aardappel both -s and -en are correct plurals. In case of aardappel both are still commonly used. Appel

Again this is a feeling, haven't checked it yet.


Why is the word for "books" (boeken) and "girls" ( meisjes)? Shouldn't meisje have an 'n' or boek has an 's' instead of 'en'?


Dutch has multiple different plurals, with -en being the most common. (It's like in English: we usually use -s, but there are exceptions such as "Oxen".)


is there anything better than... girls? yes, a really good book.


Or a Vrouw like Anouk. The Netherlands top female singer-songwriter. She can sing anything from rock to reggae. She is beautiful even now in her forties. Anouk aside from having a killer range, is also baby moma to six children. While she performs predominantly in English two years ago, Anouk released an all Dutch album, "Wen D'r Maar Aan" or Get Used To It. Anouk is a free spirit, often coming under criticism by the more conservative Dutch people. Wen D'r Maar Aan is Anouk's answer to those critics. It is also a song of empowerment to her followers to be who they are.



Thanks I've been looking for good dutch music to practice my dutch ear!


very unequal question; zeer ongelijke vraag


I typed the exact answer lol. I think there's a bug on this question


Depends. Is it 7AM or 7PM?

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