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  5. "Hij is even groot als ik."

"Hij is even groot als ik."

Translation:He is as big as me.

January 20, 2015



What is the difference between "zo...als" and "even...als"?


There isn't one, that I can find. But if anyone has a correction, I would not mind seeing it.


I would guess that even...als is more precise, because even means equally.


The grammar sites I consult say that "as I" is the correct English usage. You marked the answer as wrong.


I think that YOU are correct. The grammatical rule has been (in English, as well as in German, and here, apparently, in Dutch) that the verb "to be" does not take an object. So, it should be, here, "as I" or "as I am."


It would be good to get some explanation for why these words are being used as they are in this context.


Better English is "He is as tall as I" -- i.e. the complete sentence is: "He is as tall as I am", and the full sentence is perfectly allowable in English. Can Dutch do the full sentence as well: "Hij is even groot as ik ben"?


Why is it "ik" and not "me"?


The English translation is not grammatically correct. In English, it should say "He is as big as I." The reason is that "as" is a conjunction, and the following verb (am) is implied: He is as big as I am.

I believe that is why "ik" is correct... the construction is the same as it is in English.


Agreed. Moreover Duo suggested the alternative "correct" solution "He is as big as me", which is really not a good translation of "groot".


Tbh I don't know but in German it's the same with "so groƟ wie ich" (= I)


Why can't I say "as big as I am?"


Yes, as big as I (am) is grammatically correct.

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