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  5. "Mannen läser en tidning."

"Mannen läser en tidning."

Translation:The man is reading a newspaper.

January 20, 2015



Why is 'reads' wrong here instead of 'is reading'?


The man is Reading the newspaper, the newspaper. It said one newspaper?


I'm not sure I understand your question? 'the newspaper' is tidningen, and 'a/one newspaper' is en tidning.


Why is a 2nd N added to MAN before attaching suffix EN?


A vowel followed by a single consonant is (almost) always pronounced long in Swedish unless it is the last vowel in the word, in which case it can be either.

In the case of the word man, it actually has two meanings, with the short a sound it means "man", but with the long a sound it means "mane".

So, when we add "en" to the end, the a is no longer the last vowel and we also have to add a second consonant to preserve the short a sound.

Mannen - the man. (short a)

Manen - the mane. (long a)


The voice overlaps each word creating confusion.


Apparently läser should be pronounced slightly different to the way the TTS says it


Why is it when I pressed The, it placed eat?


The TTS pronounces "läser" a bit like "leser", I find. Is it in this case standard or a bit more like Stockholm accent?


More like stockholmska, yes. In standard Swedish the ä should be a long ä.


I couldn't hear the Tidning properly at the end even in slow mo so I got it wrong. Sounds like kindling.

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