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  5. "Nej, det gör jag aldrig."

"Nej, det gör jag aldrig."

Translation:No, I never do.

January 20, 2015



Could someone provide a quick insight on the word order of this sentence? Is "Nej, jag gör det aldrig" also grammatically correct?


Yes, it's possible to switch the order between det and aldrig here because det is a pronoun.

Compare: Jag känner henne inte - Jag känner inte henne 'I don't know her', both are possible, but if you try this with a name, only the second one is possible: Jag känner inte Maria. The other one would be ungrammatical.


I think it is jag gor aldrig det, because the adverb comes right after the verb, but I am not so good at swedish so I am not sure if I'm 100% right


Yes, I forgot about that! But still, is Subject-Verb-Adverb-Object a grammatically valid alternative to OVSA word order? And if yes, do the two sentences contain the exact same meaning?


Someone answer this question please I want to know too.


4 years and still no one answered if we can say ' jag gör det aldrig' instead of 'det gör jag aldrig.' ?


Yes, both is possible, but often it is a question of emphasis. If I start with "Jag" I emphasis myself, I do it, even if You don't do it. So often it is more common to start with 'Det'


Can it also be "I never do that"?


Tack! I would have though "I never do" would simply be "Jag gör aldrig". What is the function of "det" in this sentence?


You have to have an object, do cannot be intransitive.


But it was wrong for me


In English, "No, I never" has just about the same meaning because the verb is implied. Would there be a similar way of wording it like this in Swedish?


Since it is the answer to a question, in a dialogue with someone, of course the answer can be very short. In this case we would take out 'jag' completely and just say: Nej, aldrig


Cara, I was thinkin' that aldrig meant “ever”


Does anyone know if the final "d" and "t" are pronounced in "alltid" and "aldrig"?


No, they’re usually silent.

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