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"There are a lot of mountains in Austria."

Translation:Det finns mycket berg i Österrike.

January 20, 2015



Why is "mycket berg" correct? I thought mountains were countable and therefore we should use många.


We do that sometimes, when the noun is countable but there are too many "items" to count them all really:). Here, the mountains are like a lot or a mass. "Mycket berg" seems slightly coloquial though and "många berg" should definitely be accepted. If it's not, you should report it.


Thanks for the answer. It was a "Mark all correct translations" question, and "många berg" was accepted, but I didn't know that I should have marked "mycket berg" as well...


Can we use fjäll instead of berg here?


I think "fjäll" is just for Scandinavian moutains.


Why does it mark me incorrect when I use fjällen instead of berg? I thought they both meant "mountains"? They both translate that way in other exercises.


Plural version of "fjäll"? I tried looking it up but couldn't find a contemporary version (just the outdated "fjällar") does it still have a plural form or should we just use "berg" when it comes to the plural?


What is wrong with "Det ligger mycket berg i Österrike"?


I am confused why “många” has to be checked here… Duolingo is sometimes very strict about translations, but not here… Until now I figured that “a lot of” = “mycket” and “many” = “många”. I understand that the meaning of the sentence does not change, but these are NOT the exact same words.


"Många" is the default for countable nouns like "berg" (ett berg - flera berg), so it should be more confusing with "mycket berg" :). See my post above.

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