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Progress thermometer

There used to be a thermometer on the account that showed how far it was to the next level. I do not see it anymore: is it gone? Can we get it back? Thanks!

January 20, 2015



That made me laugh our loud, never thought of it as a thermometer :)

The progress bar was removed when the Coach feature was introduced. As part of an ongoing test, some users have this information in a different format on the profile page. You can check your profile page, you maybe part of the test group. If not, and you want to see this information, there are a few user scripts available. A search of the forum should help you get one or two.


Thanks, Got it! Another question: my students seem to have a lingot purchase for Christmas terms: this does not show on my lingot store, either for the app or for the website.


This bonus skill is available in the store only during Christmas season. I think it disappeared form the store couple of weeks back. Hopefully, it should be available again for the next Christmas.

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