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How to increase the amount of a certain translation direction?


I recently started using Duolingo to learn Swedish and I really love it, it works really well for me. Thank you very much for your efforts to implement it!

The only issue I have right now is that the amount of sentences I need to translate from English to Swedish is really low in the browser version (the Android version gives me at least ten English sentences per lesson though). Since my mother tongue is German I rarely have problems identifying the Swedish words' meaning (especially if combined with my knowledge of English) - translating to Swedish isn't as simple though. I know, I could simply keep using Android, but typing on a real keyboard is way more comfortable.

Is there an easy way to fix that? Can I somehow "tell" Duolingo to increase the amount of English sentences? Does anyone have the same issue or is that my account's problem? Tack! ;)

January 20, 2015



I would also like this, for the same reasons.


I'd like to be able to do this too, but so far you can't. I try to do the reverse trees when they exist, but there isn't a reverse tree in this case (yet), so at the moment, there's really no way to do it. However Luis has been talking about making the tree more customizable, so something similar might appear in the future. Or the reverse tree…

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