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Youtube (intermediate) Irish lessons

I was on FB & saw that someone posted this. I haven't looked through them that much but seems like it would be good for learning more about grammar & getting familiar with how the words really sound.

This is what the poster had to say on the FB post:

"I want to share a little about this site. Intermediate Irish. He has print outs of the lessons online so you can follow along. He takes stories, breaks them down into sentences & covers pronounciation, how it is phrased in Irish, other uses of particular words used in other sentences, a little bit of grammar. I'm finding this to be very valuable as I go along. I'm up to lesson 13. Since I can see the sentences, how the words are spelled then hear them spoken & then to here how it is translated into Irish phrasing, then using the words in other sentences, I'm understanding the language so much more. The only drawback are the students in the background. They are really annoying & interrupt a lot. He giggles a lot after saying something. If you can ignore that I highly recommend these lessons. There are 25 lessons with 10 to 12 parts per lesson. Again, as I said yesterday there are also Beginner's lessons if these are too advanced for you."


January 20, 2015



Wow, thank you Jillianimal! Believe it or not, I'm six lessons from finishing the Irish tree and I've been wondering what next.


Ohh how exciting (: thank you for this post!

[deactivated user]

    Thank you. I have a couple of Irish texts to continue learning now that I am done with the Irish tree, but I don't have the audio for either (both are older, OOP editions and the new edition way too expensive for me right now).

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