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"A concorrência está ficando forte."

Translation:The competition is getting strong.

July 31, 2013



I answered "The competition is staying strong" was I wrong? If I was right, "getting strong" and "staying strong" are very different, how would one know which this sentence meant?


está ficando = is getting. "the competition is staying strong" = "a concorrência permanece/continua forte"


The problem you guys are having is due to "ficar' means two different things, but not both apply in this case. Ficar means both "become/get" and "stay". Another problem, and I think that is greater, is that "concorrência" has more distinct meanings, which are the other companies or the competition... BOTH apply perfectly and you can not know which one he's talking about.


I wrote "becoming strong", I think that should be accepted. I reported it so the moderator can decide.


Can "concorrência" also be used to mean a discrete competition, that is, in the sense of a match or a tournament?


That would be "competição".

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