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  5. "Bedankt voor de verbetering."

"Bedankt voor de verbetering."

Translation:Thank you for the correction.

January 20, 2015



Does "verbetering" do the same job as "correctie", or is there a difference? Verbetering sounds like a better ("more Dutch") word...


In general, "verbetering" does mean the same as "correctie". Both words mean "correction". Although, in some cases, "verbetering" can mean "improvement", in the way that what is improved, or "verbeterd", was not wrong, it just could be better if altered a bit. In the case of "bedankt voor de verbetering" the words "verbetering" and "correctie" have the same meaning, as the person who uses the centence probably made a mistake and was corrected by someone. As for the word "verbetering" being a 'more Dutch' word, I would agree with you, as far as the origin of the word is concerned, since the word "correctie" comes from the French word "corriger".


verbetering could also mean improvement. When your hairdresser has done a good job, you could say" Wow, dat is een hele verbetering!" but not "wow, dat is een hele correctie!"


I have a Dutch friend who has been helping me on the side, and I feel as though I am going to be using this sentence a LOT in the future. :)


When I speak with my Dutch friends and family, it is in fact said almost every single time (as I have many verbeteringen yet to achieve)


Doesn't strike me as a correct translation... "Verbetering" seems like it should be "improvement"...


It can also mean that. But "verbeteren" also can also mean to correct someone.

  • Kan je me verbeteren als ik een fout maak? = Can you correct me if I make a mistake?
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