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  5. "Úsáidimid an euro."

"Úsáidimid an euro."

Translation:I use the euro.

January 20, 2015



Pronunciation is off for úsáidimid. The -id is not pronounced. I've never experienced this in my 15 years of learning Irish, anywhere.


She definitely doesn't say the "id" on the end.


Duolingo should allow a learner to proceed by skipping the item for the remainder of the lesson in a case like this where there seems to be an error, the learner has flagged that, and the learner would by lying if they were to write down something that they did not hear. Having no other option, I am about to enter "Úsáidimid an euro", but what I actually heard was "Úsáidim an euro".


I mid at the end was spoken so softly I didn't hear it twice


You didn't hear it because she didn't say it - there's a mismatch between the text and the recording, and she is saying Úsáidim an Euro.


Is it only me? I heard "úsáidim an euro" not úsáidimid


You and all the other people that already pointed that out in the previous comments.

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Yes, for 2 years now. You are listed as "MOD", --which I presume means moderator, and thereby someone with at least some contact with the people who run the site?-- can you not intercede to get it fixed rather than simply implying the poster is saying nothing new? Thanks!


Unfortunately, "MOD" shows up on all your posts the moment you become a moderator. Both of us only recently became moderators.

SatharnPHL and I have been working to see if we can get someone to fix these.


Any luck, a Dhaithí?


No. We carefully documented all of the sentences with bad audio, asked for them to be sent to the contributors, and haven't heard a word in response.


Is there any way to tell which conjugation 'úsáid' belongs to? I thought it would be 'úsáidímid' because the root has two syllables. Do verbs with two-syllable roots ending in '-áid' belong in the 1st conjugation as well as those ending in '-áil', '-óil' and '-áin'?


Yes and yes (there are only úsáid and athúsáid ). The best way to determine which conjugation a verb uses is to look at its third-person future form. Since the third-person future form for úsáid is úsáidfidh, it’s a first conjugation verb. (Endings of -faidh and -fidh are first conjugation; endings of -óidh and -eoidh are second conjugation.)


Thanks, but does that help? I mean, don't I need to know which conjugation the verb belongs to in order to know how its future tense would be formed?


You asked if there were a way, and I responded with a way. (It’s analogous to Latin, where one needs to know the first person singular present indicative and the infinitive to know which conjugation a verb belongs to.)

You don’t need to know how a verb conjugates to find out which conjugation it uses — you could refer to a site like this one. Only you can determine whether that’s a help for you or not.


Sorry, I don't mean to sound ungrateful. It just seemed a bit like circular logic. I know I can check a verb in the dictionary, but I know for example that a regular verb with a two-syllable root ending in 'igh' will conjugate a certain way without having to look it up and I suppose that's the sort of thing I was hoping for. Irish has so few irregular verbs, after all. But I do appreciate your help.


Except fuirsigh, a regular verb which is also first conjugation. ;*)

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