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"We had things under control until you came."

Translation:Vi havde tingene under kontrol indtil du kom.

January 20, 2015



Is the definite form in 'tingene' necessary?


Yes it is. 'Vi havde ting under kontrol' is to indefinite to make sense.


In what context(s) does one use "tingene" rather than "ting"? I've seen "ting" used as both singular and plural.


I'd say it's because while ting can be used as plural, it just means things, and not the (specific) things. It's grammatically correct to say "Vi havde ting under kontrol" but it would first of all sound weird, and it would also imply that we had some but not all things under control.


I was trying to say "Vi havde tingene under kontrol indtil du ankom" but it wasn't accepted, I'm thinking it probably should be.

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