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  5. "Familien har stor værdi."

"Familien har stor værdi."

Translation:The family has great value.

January 20, 2015



...as hostages.


I'm not sure 'has large value' is the best English for this. 'Has a large value' is better or 'is of large value'


Is this saying that a specific family is valuable (in terms of importance), has great worth (as in money) or that the family unit (in general) has great value?


Does anyone else hear 'a' between 'har' and 'stor' in normal speed? If so, is it just an artifact of the TTS or a correct pronunciation?


They sometimes add this little 'extra' syllable when a word ends in 'r'. For example 'der' sometimes sounds like 'de-a', also mere can sound like 'mer-a'. But it is subtle and not always the case. I guess it depends on the intonation.


ard you saying is worth a lot of valuable assets or that the family has high ethics and morals?


Are they going to be sold at the market?


"Has great value" is a good translation if one is discussing the intangible value of the family to an individual member of the family or the importance of the family to society. Since Duo also uses "værdi" with the word for castle as a place which contains many valuables, this does not seem to be a consistent use of the word. Can a native Dane please comment on the correct use of "værdi"?

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