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"Vandmanden efterlader flæskestegen i køkkenet."

Translation:The jellyfish leaves the flæskesteg in the kitchen.

January 20, 2015



That is probably the most bizarre sentence in the course so far, and we all know the bar has been set pretty high.


I just realized that vandmanden is basically "the waterman." I like it!


I like these silly sentences because then you can easily think of a person or thing to replace in the sentence to make it 'logical', and then you spend more time thinking about it!


that is pure nonsense!!! I was almost sure I misheard, and that it should have been "Landmanden" : = "The farmer leaves the flæskesteg in the kitchen."


Does "flæskesteg" refer to a specific meal? I don't understand why we are not using "roast pork" in the English sentence.


It is a danish dish, yes. I don't know if "roast pork" is the exact same, but usually you get "flæskesteg med rødkål, kartofler og brun sovs", so "flæskesteg" does kinda refer to an entire meal.


Porchetta is a kind of roast pork, but it's not a flæskesteg, although flæskesteg is the most common style in Denmark. It's my understanding. “Flæskesteg er en traditionel dansk ret.” according to Wikipedia.


It's a Danish dish, but definitely not an English word. Please find some appropriate translation


I wrote 'vandmanden efterlader flæskestegen i køkkenet' and it got marked wrong. is there a bug or a reason for that? there was also no correction marked.


Its to keep you awake og pa sim toes


"Aquarius leaves the roast pork in the kitchen" The danish sentence is too weard - take my word!


Flaeskesteg is not an English translation. It doesn't have to be a perfect translation just like hygge doesn't have a perfect translation into English that conveys the entire meaning of the word. But for flaeskesteg, roast pork is close enough.

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