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Important inconsistencies with iOS and computer versions

As I'm sure some of you are well aware, the iOS and site versions of Duolingo are not synced up. The mobile phone version still uses the heart system, and any progress made on there doesn't show up in the main account. Likewise, the site version does not display what progress it has made on the iOS version.

Is this a massive bug or just a gap between updates?

January 20, 2015



You are right about the hearts, but the other stuff, well I have beennusing the iOS app for 18 months and have not noticed these differences.


It's just recently. For instance, I had a few days' streak on the site version, but the app version consistently showed that I had not practiced at all.


After practising on my iOS, I have always gone to the web when I have finished and refreshed my home page which then synchronises my recent activity.


I noticed this after using my ipad and when I used my home computer the two hadn't synced and I had to redo. I have been reluctant to use my ipad since.

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