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After 40 days, I finally finish the tree.

Well, here I am at the top of the tree, and I'm really amazed at how much I have learned in such a short amount of time. I just wanted to thank the Swedish moderators and users for being extremely helpful and always answering questions when they arose. This course has been really amazing. Thank you very much for giving us the opportunity to learn this beautiful language!

January 20, 2015



Well done! But being new to Duolingo I have to ask, what is a tree?


It's that graph of skills that you work your way through.



Now I have a new time to beat hahaha


thank you hahaha


Congratulations! I can't wait to finish my first tree!


Congratulations! That was quick! I've been struggling with Danish for a longer time even though it is very close to Swedish.


It seems like Swedish trees are fast to finish- all of these records are with that tree. xD But, anyways, congratulations! :D


Omg, 40 days? The German one took me 60 days and I was obsessed. Edit: Did you test out of a lot of skills? How are you only level 11? I'm level 9 and not halfway through the tree yet.


I just did it 3-4 hours a day, sometimes 6 hours if i'm feeling it.


hey, im new here on Duolingo and i cant seem to find any info about how many trees there are. i am on the first tree i assume can anyone tell me how many trees there are? thanks in advance


The whole course is called a tree :). It consists of skills which in turn consist of lessons.

To see how many courses there are, you can click on the Swedish flag next to your profile picture and choose "Add a new course..."


I finished mine yesterday too. I think it took me longer than that, but I lost track.

It was such a fun course, with good explanations too.

Jag tror i tomtar och troll!


Nice work!! good motivation for me to keep going!


Congrats. I have just started learning Swedish about 2 weeks ago. Would appreciate your advice on how to best learn this language. Tack så mycket.

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