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about translation please

I am facing a problem , i am beginner here so i don't know much thingσ about duolingo . I do normally the lessons but i still haven't understand how translations work...i mean that i know that for staying here and watching my lesson i need to make some translations and announce them but those translations could be from any text? have i to translate something specific? how many of them have i to make and how often??? sorry if i bore you and excuse me for my english , it's not the best , i know!

November 15, 2012



How this works is that each skill consists in a number of lessons (which is different depending on the difficulty of that particular skill) and translations, or sometimes bonus tests. When you have completed the lessons, you have "learned" the skill, but if want to "master" it, you either have to work on translations or you will have to do a bonus test or refresh exercises. You rarely have to actually translate a sentence in the lower levels. Most of the time, you will have to "rate" other people's translations. You will get a sentence in the language you are learning, along with three translations made by other users and you need to rate those translations. The sentences are sometimes a bit tricky, but they tell you what the words mean. Mainly, you just have to figure out how to put all of that together in a sentence that makes sense. From what I gathered, the translations are taken from any texts found online - which means that sometimes they don't seem to make sense because the person who wrote it didn't mean the text to be used for anything official, but it gives you practice, I suppose. If you rate a translation and people have made the same rating, you get points, which help you reach the next level. I hope that helps.


it heps very much! thank you for your response you made me understand everything! ty again !

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