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  5. "Usted recordó a mis hijos."

"Usted recordó a mis hijos."

Translation:You remembered my children.

August 1, 2013



I said ,"You reminded my children." How are we supposed to know?


My impression is the hover menu put the favored translation for the current question and lists other translations you might use in a different context.


Yes, I have consistently found this to be the case... A VERY important 'hint' for DLers...


How important is it to identify the accent


Why can this not be my 'boys'?


I think it can be "You remembered my sons". Boys would just be niños.


Could someone please tell me how to say, "You reminded my children." Thank you in advance.


In short, Recordar is a polysemic word that means both To Remember and To remind.

Both sentences:

  • You reminded my children
  • You remembered my children

can be translated to: "Usted recordó a mis hijos".

The context may help determine the desirable meaning.


can a native speaker please tell me if this is the most common way of saying 'you remember my children', or if there is another more common way of saying 'remember someone' Thanks


The answer is no, this is not how one says 'you remember my children'. This is how one says 'you remembered my children'.

Also, this is a common way of saying that you remembered someone or something.


thanks. I was not actually caring about the conjugation of the verb, just curious if there was another verb / synonym used as well in this context of remembering people. Could there be differences too for example if you 'remembered who someone was after not seeing them for a long time', or you 'remembered someone in your will', using remembered more as thinking of someone and being thoughtful towards them in your actions?

Feliz ano nuevo :)


Ah, sorry misread what you wanted then.

The verb you want to know for those uses is recordar, which is the verb of remembering, recalling, and of memory:

  • La vida sería imposible si todo se recordase. El secreto está en saber elegir lo que debe olvidarse.: "Life would be impossible were everything remembered. The secret is in knowing what should be forgotten"

  • El recuerdo de aquella noche "The memory of/Remembering that night"

  • Recuerdos de una noche: "Memories of that night"

The related phrase, acordarse de, is also useful and is usually the same in meaning, but it is slightly less formal and can't be used to describe the action of being reminded.

Aside from that you can "not forget someone", or you can say that "you know them".


Usted = you = 2nd person singular recordó = past tense 3rd person singular. I know this sentence makes sense, however, why not use recordiste - past tense 2nd person singular?


I believe it is an exercise to use 'usted' (2nd person formal but uses 3rd person to translate, in the past tense.) However If one had a translation sentence from English to Spanish there would not be any context so, one could use either the 2nd person familiar which is as you suggested 'recordiste' or you could use the formal second person usted which is recordó.


Thanks jfgordy, I appreciate your explanation. However, it is an exercise on the use of the past tense and not on the use of "usted". I can see by your explanation that I can interchange the 3rd person singular by the formal second person singular depending on the context. I did get my answer, only because of the context (like you suggested). Interesting! Thanks again.


is this correct <Usted recordo mis hijos> ? do we need "A" ?


I'm wondering if "You were reminded of my children" is an equally valid translation. Does anyone know if 'recordó' would require a different preposition to become 'reminded of'?


I heard the word "le" in between usted and recordo


The sentense would have been clearer when it would read " You remembered my children's NAME, Duo hates to admit to complete the sentense


My answeres were correct,ie; You remember my sons and You remembered my sons.


Is the DO pronoun not always needed then?


You remebered my children you sick freak!


You remembered my children ypou sick freak!


How do you know when to use tu o usted


I thought I could save a second by typing "You remembered my kids" it was deemed to be incorrect...........crap!


Isn't it able to say "He/She remembered my sons?


I have three sons, tres hijos

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