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"Jag ringer dig när gästerna har åkt."

Translation:I will call you when the guests have left.

January 21, 2015



Why is it "I will call you"? I thought it's "I call you"


For actions going to take place in the near future, Swedish will sometimes use the present tense whereas English would use the construction with "will".


That's good to know. Tack! Would it still make sense in this context to put it as "jag ska ringa dig.." or would that naturally imply that it will be some time before that call takes place?


What is the difference between åkt and lämnat?


I believe that att lämna is a transitive verb which means it needs an object.

You can't just say Gästerna har lämnat. but something like Gästerna har lämnat restaurangen. should work.


English does that too sometimes. No, I can't meet you. I'm leaving for the airport at four o'clock


Auto-pilot brain translation wooooOOOOOOO "I am calling you when the guests here go"

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