"Jag har en mor och en far."

Translation:I have a mother and a father.

January 21, 2015

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Can it be 'jag har en mor och far'?


Perhaps colloquially but it's not grammatically correct.


Why is the -ch of och pronounced here? Is it because the word after (en) begins with a vowel?

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    Fun fact: in Czech "mor" means a "plague".


    So mamma is like english mother mar is like english mum?


    No, rather the other way around.

    Mor and far sounds a bit old-fashioned. Most commonly, one refers to one's parents as mamma/pappa, which I think then corresponds quite well to mum/dad.


    Are mor and far ever used nowadays (by younger svenska speakers) or is it just a word we should know if other people say it


    They're used, but not the most common.


    So where then do the "longer versions" moder/fader come in?


    Rarely at all. Perhaps if speaking to god or mother earth.


    Just had to ask because I heard it in a song, probably because far och son wouldn't fit the rhythm. Tack så mycket.


    I noticed that oCH En sounds like a k; like that: Oken .... So:

    Jag har en mor /oken/ far.


    The slow TTS sure sounds like "mod", rather than "mor", when I play it.


    Jag har en mor och ett får!


    I would like to ask about another expression I've heard instead of mor. Watching swedish tv series (Bonusfamiljen to be precise), they keep saying something that sounds like Morsa or morsan? Morssa? same for father, farsa or something like that. Is that some informal version, a dialect or I missheard? I'd appreciate any info!


    Some call their parents morsan and farsan. I know quite a few people, young as well as older, find this a bit disrespectful unless said in jest. The majority address their parents as mamma and pappa, even when adults though they might refer to their parents as mor and far when talking about them to colleagues. I hear a lot of teens talking to each other calling their parents morsan and farsan. :)


    would it be weird if it was mamma och en far?


    It would translate to 'mom and a father' So, yeah its weird.


    Yes, I don't think anyone ever says that. But in most cases we accept combinations like that anyway in the course.


    Is it just me or does it really sound like she's saying "Jag har mor och en far". The first "en" is very missable if you don't pay attention.


    Agree with thorr18. I hear an r with fast, but not slow.


    Why does it sound in the slow pronunciation like mord and in the faster pronunciation as mor? Sorry, and the sounds from a female voice are not always as well defined through electronic media as a male voice.. I know that is not PC, but.....it is what it is.


    Jag har en mor och en far.


    Jag har inga mor och far


    Since the noun following is singular (mor), you do not use "inga", which is used with a plural noun. Instead:

    Jag har ingen mor en far
    I have no mother and father

    Jag har ingen mor eller far
    I have no mother or father

    Jag har varken mor eller far
    I have neither a mother nor a father


    Interesting, tack

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