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  5. "Del otro lado de la calle"

"Del otro lado de la calle"

Translation:On the other side of the street

August 1, 2013



How did "Del" become on the? I knew "of the other side of the street" does not make sense, but how !!


Even in English preposisions are extremely versitile taking on differen meanings in different contexts. It's extremely annoying.


I put from the other side of the street and that was accepted


That is probably the more correct translation than the one they gave since de usually translate from


"From" makes the most sense in this text, and that was my first inclination, but the first word given in the dropdown hints is "of" with "from" making no appearance in the list of hints at all. DL, if you're not going to accept your own hints, stop providing them. I'd just as soon look words up in an accurate dictionary and get it right.


I never look at the hints, but then I am reviewing my Spanish from 45 years ago.


Duo hints have caused me to change a right answer to a wrong answer more than once. Sometimes the hints help, other times they harm. It's like TilEulenspiegel commented - No hints are better than erratic hints.


I put "From the...." And it was marked correct. I believe the reason being is that "de el" is "del" - de being from.


I put "from" also but I think using "desde" here instead of "de" (so el would be there with desde) would mean "from". Can anyone confirm that? or would the sentence be the same as "desde el..." and "del..." From looking at some "de vs desde" info I think if you wanted to say you were from the other side of the street this might work (since de can be used to say where you're from) but if you wanted to say you threw the ball from the other side of the street you would use desde?!?!

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I put "from the other side of the street" and it was accepted, but I gather "on the other side of the street" would be more common.


I think I've heard this expression used in Spain to describe a gay man.

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I think they say De la acera de enfrente. At least I read that in La Sombra del Viento.


on: la tienda del otro lado = the shop on the other side of the street. It makes sense like this , but without the context it doesn't. " from" is a reasonable translation here


In English, at least in the UK, there is a difference between "from the other side of the street", and "on the other side...". DL accepts both here - are both correct ? eg "I saw my friend ON the other side of the street". v. "My friend called to me FROM the other side of the street".


Across the street?


We got schooled in the last lesson that del was "to the" not "in the" (remember the garden?) Well, now the rules have changed.


Why "the other side of the street" wrong? (without "on")


Yea I said the same thing!?.


I said the other side of the street and got it wrong


Nosotros tenemos un problema


Why is "across the street" wrong?


Still I don't understan how it becomes "on the other side"... So which side with "del" from my side ???


I guess I should report it b/c I put "from" and it said wrong.


I though otro didn't get definite articles? I would have expected "de otro" not "del"...


What's wrong with the other side of the road?


the audio sounds clearly pronounced as "las calles" but the answer is la calle. This speaker is not careful about pronunciations.

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