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  5. "Tá seacht lá againn anseo."

" seacht againn anseo."

Translation:We have seven days here.

January 21, 2015



what's wrong with we have a week here?


I believe it's just because they want the literal translation.


What is this supposed to mean? Sorry, no English Native speaker here.


I'm not sure how else to explain it - it sounds pretty obvious to a native English speaker. Here are some examples of it being used in context:
"This website is launching next Monday - we have seven days to make sure that everything is ready"
"This is a nice hotel. We have two days here before we go on to the next city on our trip".


Thank you! Your explanation is really helpful. We actually say the same in German, but I didn't understand that this sentence is meant like that.


Is "We are here for seven days." wrong?


"we are here" - táimid anseo. .

tá X againn - "we have X".


Sorry, I didn't express my question very well. The phrase is not used in England, and I'm not sure what exactly it means - obviously not what I thought!

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