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"De bar"

Translation:The bar

3 years ago



Does anyone know what kind of bar this is? A pub? A metal bar? A sand bar? A legal bar? A ban? A Mars bar? All of the above?

3 years ago

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Usually it's a counter within any bar/restaurant/house with open kitchen. It can also mean pub, but I think café and kroeg are more common words for that. Also coffee bar = koffiebar.

The following are not bar in Dutch:

  • metal bar = metalen staaf
  • sand bar = zandbank
  • legal bar, I don't think there is a specific word for this in Dutch
  • a ban = een verbod
  • Mars bar = Marsreep
  • to bar (to block) = blokkeren/versperren
  • to bar (to exclude) = buitensluiten (lit. lock outside)
  • behind bars = achter de tralies

But we do have other usages of bar:

  • het is bar = it is extreme
  • het is niet bar = it is mediocre/it is not very good
  • het is bar koud = it is very cold
  • een bar landschap = a barren landscape
3 years ago


Dank u wel Susande, very comprehensive!

3 years ago


How long does it take to learn which one is which just from context?

2 years ago


Probably not as long as it would take English learners to figure out "bar" I expect! :) :) For the dutch usage it sounds like context would make it pretty clear.

7 months ago


Maybe 1 bar as a unit of pressure?

2 years ago


what's the Dutch word for pub?

1 year ago

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It might be kroeg.

10 months ago