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  5. "We need to talk."

"We need to talk."

Translation:We moeten praten.

January 21, 2015



What's the difference between Moeten and Hoeven?


The semantic difference is in the negative: "We moeten niet gaan" = "We must not go", whereas "We hoeven niet te gaan" = "We don't have to go". So for moeten, you're not allowed to, while for hoeven, you can if you want, but it's not required of you.

Hoeven is only used in the negative (which includes "niet" and "geen", but also some not so obviously negative words like "maar" or "alleen"), while moeten is used for both positive and negative.

An important grammatical difference is that "hoeven" requires "te" in front of the extra verb and "moeten" doesn't.


Wij hoeven praten? does not it work?


Is "hebben nodig" used only for things while "moeten" only for actions?


Hebben nodig is used when you need something, whereas moeten is used when you need to do something.


should hoeven be an acceptable substitute for moegen?


I wrote: "We hebben om te praten nodig"......why was it wrong?

Edit: O.k. I see the difference between Hebben nodig and moeten.

Now I wonder if can use moeten and om te in a sentence together (??)


Correct if I am wrong: Without a context, the sentence "we need to talk" can also be translate as "we HOEVEN te praten". So, in order to truly chose between HOEVEN and MOETEN, a contextualization is required. Echt?


Hoeven is only used in the negative.

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