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  5. "Het ligt onder de rijst."

"Het ligt onder de rijst."

Translation:It is underneath the rice.

January 21, 2015



Is there any difference in the pronunciation between 'ligt' (conjugation of the 2nd and 3rd person singular of the verb liggen in present tense) and 'licht' (light)?


According to Wiktionary, they are homophones, and I think that's the case in Dutch from the Netherlands. However, in Dutch from Belgium, I think that the 'g' in 'ligt' is more like a velar fricative like /x/ or /ɣ/, while the 'ch' in 'licht' remains an uvular fricative /χ/


Thanks, but then how do we differentiate which one are we listening? It can also be, "The light under the rice"


If they're homophones, the only way to distinguish between them is context.


Can't the English progressive be used as an accepted translation for Dutch present simple seeing as Dutch uses the present simple where English would use the progressive?


What about using "below" as a translation for "onder"?


Under is more specific than below so it probably wouldnt work. Falling under a table is different than falling below a table.


Searched is the salad.

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