"Os seus gatos bebem leite?"

Translation:Do your cats drink milk?

August 1, 2013

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Can the "Os" be left out of this sentence? therefore leaving only, "Seus gatos bebem leite?" Is this correct?


yes, you can omit the definite article when they work along the possessive adjective.


How would you literally translate this to English? Not even Spanish have the word 'os' (I think) ... I am just trying to understand when 'os'/'as' is required.


When you have the object/noun following the possessive, you can use "o, a, os, as", but it is opitional (sua casa = a sua casa / os seus vestidos = seus vestidos). When they are not directly related to a noun, you have to use the article: Minha casa é amarela e A sua é branca.


BTW, I did not mean to be rude, it does help to understand the use in your second sample, it is the first sentence what I am wondering why ...


Thanks a lot Davu! That's it! =)


I think Paulo means this discussion: http://www.duolingo.com/comment/64947.


Your sample is obvious, it's the difference between 'my house' / 'mine', or 'your house' / 'yours' ... but why the "o, a, os, as" is optional in 'a sua casa'. That construction does not exists in Spanish or English ... I think.


There is a topic about it "articles before possessives" but unfortunately i'm not being able to copy and paste. =( try to find it if podssible. But, as you said, when you have mine, yours, theirs etc you need to use the definite article, but opitional for my, your, her, etc.


I think in these sentences portuguese sounds like archaic spanish. 13th century Spanish


Can you explain this in details? I am interested in it. Por exemplo eu nunca ouvi lingua húngara medieval... /Mas nós também temos recordações escritos dessa era/ This is the first time I have tried to use my Portuguese. Desculpe :-/


I hear no rising intonation. I'm having a real problem with this. Is anyone able to tell me how I distinguish between a spoken statement and a spoken question in Portuguese? Is it just a feature of DL making inaccurate recordings?


Yeah, it is a bug on DL recording. You can notice it when talking with a person. ;)


Thanks, Paulenrique. That's reassuring. I'll persist with Portuguese, in that case. If everybody spoke like DL I would have to find another language, with grammatical markers for questions!


No no, that won't be the case. Keep up with your studies! =)


Why can't this also translate as Do his cats drink milk?


That is also correct


"Do her cats drink milk?" as well, I guess


I translated it to "their cats" and got correct. Is that right?


Yes, that's also correct. Você/ela/ele have the same conjugation as do vocês/elas/eles.


I'm really confused about when to use teu/tua and when to use seu/sua - they both seem to be your/his/her


According to grammar rules, "seu" is more formal and agrees with the pronoun "você"; "teu" is used with close people or informal situations and agrees with "tu". But in Brazilian Portuguese is common to always use "você" and "seu/sua/seus/suas" in any type of situation. "Seu/sua" can mean "your" or "his/her"; "teu/tua" is just "your"


So it can't be teu gata if you are a man and you have a female cat? Teu gato and tua gata only?


Possessive adjectives are not related to the speaker, but to the words that they are linked to. Whether you are a man or a woman, use "teu/seu gato" and "tua/sua gata".


The proper English question is : Does your cat drink milk. Not do your cat.


It says do your CATS, plural.


Would you use os gatos or as gatas if there were both male and female cats?


You use os gatos


This comment is more for another question for which the discussion is locked, but it's the same sentence so I'm asking it here instead. I was asked to translate "Do your cats drink milk?" From English to Portuguese, and I wrote "Os teus gatos bebem leite?" This was marked as incorrect. I have made this same error on that question a few times, and want clarification about it. Are you unable to use teus in this sentence at all? If not, can someone explain why? Again, the discussion connected to the version of this question I originally got wrong is closed, and my question was not answered in the comments of that question. Feel free to delete my comment if it is breaking any rules by being attached to the wrong question. Thanks!


That sentence is absolutely correct. It's just not accepted because this course's database of answers is inconsistent and it seems like there isn't a lot of people (mods) that can keep improving it.


Is does your cats drink milk correct also? Because i got it wrong .


It should be "do your cats..." because does is only used with singular third person


You can't hear the question mark in a "type what you hear" question. I answered "your cats drink milk" and got an error for that.


Why did it change from "Tuas gatas bebem leite"

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