"Non è assolutamente uguale."

Translation:It is definitely not the same.

August 1, 2013

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It is not clear how to translate this sentence correctly. mousing over "assolutamente" gives 3 options: absolutely, vitally, completely. As far as I have seen, absolutely is not accepted, but definitely is marked as a correct translation. You need to pay attention and include a broader scope of synonyms that can be found in common dictionaries where learners harvest their vocabularies. In this case, both "assolutamente" and "uguale" have great number of synonyms that could work in translation. Let's mention a few:

assolutamente could be translated as:

  • entirely
  • completely
  • totally
  • absolutely
  • positively
  • certainly

eguale could be translared as:

  • identical
  • alike
  • even ...


"It is absolutely not equal" should be correct. I do not understand why it is not.


"It is not absolutely equal" is correct right now although it means something totally different than the default answer.


There are at least two possible ways to read this in English:

"it is not absolutely the same," which can mean "It is very similar, but not identical."


"It is absolutely not the same," which can mean "They aren't anything like the same, not even close."

The word order can make a big difference in English. Which is more like the Italian meaning?


I wrote 'it is absolutely not the same' and it was marked correct, so I guess this is the meaning implied in the Italian....


whats the difference between stesso(a) and eguale? Thanks!!

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