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General "Strengthen skills" doesn't ever update individual skills?

I have a lot of skills mastered as 4 out of 5. Then I do general "Strengthen skills" practice, get the lesson done, get my 10 points, and that's it. It never seems to actually increase any of the skills to be 5 out of 5. Even if I do a general practice many times!

If I practice a concrete skill, though, it works fine.

The common practice sometimes seems to be based on one particular skill, I get all the questions right and yet I never see an update to any skill afterwards.

Is it just me not understanding anything? Do you experience the same?

January 21, 2015



It does improve the skills over time. The strength of skills is calculated by taking the average strength of words for that skill. Strengthen skills does not target individual sections but individual words - so it is very much possible that you improve individual words but the individual sections don't improve immediately.


So are you saying that individual sections do improve little by little and eventually will reach 5 out of 5?


Yes. A focussed session may however get you there faster (as in practice the specific skill you want to strengthen)


Yes, the focused session always gets me 5 out of 5. The problem is that I haven't seen a single improve in a particular skill when using general practice in like a couple of months!

But ok, maybe it's just very slow...


As skelkingur says, the general strengthen skills increases the strength of individual words and may only strengthen one word per skill for example. It is just possible that the other words in that skill loose strength so the overall efect will be no affect. It is even possible that the skill could become weaker after your strengthening exercise.

The moral in this tale is always strengthen individual skills. Even then you may have to repeat the strengthening exercise several times.


Still, I'd say it seems just broken. I have been through at least 100 general strengthening sessions by now. Not a single upgrade for an individual skill has ever happened. Just never.

It also likes to include same questions over and over again, despite the fact that I answer them correctly every time. Something seems to be really broken, maybe the engine doesn't recognize that I mastered that word and keeps asking it or something else, I don't know. But overall, I say it doesn't work.

When I practice individual skills, update happens every single time, on the other hand. Even if I choose "beat the clock" mode and only answer 2 or 3 questions.

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