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  5. "Jag behöver ett snöre."

"Jag behöver ett snöre."

Translation:I need a piece of string.

January 21, 2015



snöre is countable in Swedish but string (in that sense) is not in English (however e.g. guitar strings are countable), so ett snöre in Swedish is a piece of string in English, and a piece of string in English can be either ett snöre or en bit snöre in Swedish.


Ah. That makes sense, I suppose. Still, I wonder why the answer I gave (which matched the correct answer) came back as "almost correct?"


Ignore my previous answer, I had a brainfart. It must have been the erroneous error message that caused this, so it shouldn't happen anymore. I didn't know that this would happen when there's a conflict between what's accepted and there being an error message, so it was interesting to find out, maybe we can work with this. :)


Lol. Yes, it will be!


Before I saw the word i was hoping it would be simple and i guessed that snöre meant nap. I was hoping they were saying "I need a nap".


'I need a bit of string' is a direct translation also, but its marked as incorrect. Bit also means bit in English.


Bit of string is only a small amount, potentially less than a piece of string could be?? Not sure about that or Swedish meaning.


Can 'snöre' mean a string of a violin? Also, how would you say string instruments?


I think thr sort of string a violin has is 'ett sträng'? Or something like that


I need a piece of STRING


I would "humbly" submit that 99.99% would ask for a string and not a piece of string! I checked several translators and all agree. I have many strings in that drawer would be wrong because in these sens can not be pluralized?

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