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Make shortcut tests always available

There's no point in locking down the shortcut tests just because you've finished off a section. These tests work great as a review test as well, when you want to revisit a snapshot of your previous lessons.

August 1, 2013



It is a good idea since it'd make possible to brush up a whole single subject that might need focus. Instead of mixing up sentences that you know too well with the things that need actual review.


I'll admit that I've never used the shortcut tests, but wouldn't the 'practice skill' option work just as well?


I don't think so, because the keyhole tests randomly sample all the skills learned up to that point.


Exactly, that's what makes them such great "quick reviews", because they sample a wider range of lessons. If I wanna brush on my my basics, I'd rather not have to enter each and every mini-course individually.

This is a really easy win. The entire feature is already built and ready, it's just being disabled unnecessarily.


What about the 'lesson practice'? Doesn't that sort of do the same thing, just focused on the stuff that actually needs brushing up?


Hadn't noticed that yet. Yeah I guess that's a bit closer, but that's on the other end of the spectrum it seems; It's everything. But the "review tests" I'm talking about could definitely be incorporated into this section, so that you could choose between practicing All The Things or slightly more narrowed down collections of lessons.


Maybe what is needed is a way to choose which sections to practice in in the Lesson Practice. Duo already pick vocabularies on which it thinks you are apparently weakest on to show up more often in Practice Lesson.

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