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Show errors in lesson progress bar

I'd like to see something like this in the lesson progress bar: http://i.imgur.com/BsCrTQY.png Red means you lost a heart, yellow means you made a minor mistake.

If that could be coupled with a way to review your mistakes once the lesson is over, that'd be a big help.

August 1, 2013



I see what you mean but I don't get how these coloured boxes will help you? explain please. I thought it would be helpful to track which sentences/words I always get wrong or make mistakes on and then I could practice them more to memorise and correct my recurring mistakes. (hope that made sense:) BTW this might already exist automatically : ?


Yeah it comes down to "a way to review your mistakes" which I didn't have time to mock up.

Here's one way it could be done:

Once you've completed the test, you'll see a "correct mistakes" button next to the continue button. If you press this, you'll be taken back to the exercises which you made some error in, and get to try them again. This wouldn't have any effect on your heart score, it would just be an optional quick-review of your trouble areas.


I agree that would be helpful! To learn on your mistakes. Because after you answer a question incorrectly they show you the correct way and then when you finish the lesson you could test yourself whether you remembered the corrections :)


Exactly. So the point of my first mockup with the red and yellow markers would be to gently remind you that you've got a few mistakes you might want to revisit before you complete the lesson.

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