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  5. "I eat with my husband."

"I eat with my husband."

Translation:Jeg spiser med min mand.

January 21, 2015



Can't it be ægtemand also? Or is 'mand' more usual to use?


Ægtemand is a very old fashioned way of saying it. It's not incorrect and people would understand it but it hasn't been used for maybe a hundred years.


I may be wrong, but doesn't "min mand" mean "my man"? So is husband and my man synonymous?


Mand means man, but min mand means my husband, but of course also my man in the literal sense, though you wouldn't normally say this in English. There is the old-fashioned word 'husbond' in Danish for husband, mostly used "jokingly"? Kone is another word for woman, min kone means my wife. Hustru (wife) is more used than husbond, but is also rather old-fashioned. There is also the old word 'viv' for wife ... Gemal also springs to mind, used mostly in the phrase Prinsgemalen, i.e the husband of the Danish Queen Margrethe, Prins Henrik, who is not king (Though he sorely wants to be ;-))

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